Family traditions

Family traditions

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Crisis

Idaho continues to sit in the ranks of states that are cutting and continue to cut funding for public education. the president of the school boards association yesterday said, it's not as bad as some states he quoted Oregon as having been cut up to 30% and Arizona has also see cuts of 20%!
i do feel the pain of the times, and cutting budgets around the country is a very real thing, the difference and the reason i think Idahos cut of nearly 10% is significant is because Idaho is already 47th in the nation in funding for public education. it's like something i said before. ..

the good thing about living in a budget is that when times get tough you don't have to give up a lot the bad thing about living in a budget, when times get tough there's not a lot to give up. so now that we are working on a bare bones budget, i'm not sure what goes next a femur or two!

just something to think about!!

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