Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

one night

one night a few best friends we camping out in the back of a pick-up truck. they we're talking about all the thing that teenage girls talk about, laughing and giggling as girls do. the conversation turned serious for a moment the question "if you could have one super power or thing you could change about this world what would it be.
one friend wished that money was no object, so that the stresses that come from having little to no money would be swept away. not so that she could buy the world but that there were no more hungry children, stresses moms and dads who have to work endless hours instead of spending time with their children.
the other friend wished for the ability to stop time. in order to achieve everything in the day that was necessary. a clean house, homework, scripture study, laundry, and any other of the millions of necessary tasks that there is not quite time for.

if the other friends remember more please comment! and if you weren't there but have a comment please share

3 other thoughts:

Janelle said...

good question. i think i was there? but maybe you're talking about another time? and i have no idea if you've already said what i said because i have no idea what i said.

does that make sense?

Eric Halpenny said...

Wasn't mine the stopping time one? That sounds like me. Otherwise I don't remember that question. I know I was there though.

the nice one said...

J that totally make sense! and yes i do believe you were there i know it was when we were parked in front of marci's house
Steph i think your right yours was the time one!
thanks for reminiscing with me!!