Family traditions

Family traditions

Friday, March 19, 2010


Last night little brother had a fever over 102!! not a good thing at anytime but the fact that we weren't at home always adds a little extra stress. so i had him camp out on the floor next to me and gave him a few children's Tylenol, to which he said he didn't like medicine and would save them for later. of course that was not a viable answer so i resorted to bribing

"eat them dude, they taste just like candy"

"mom, i'm allergic to candy"

"Dude, you eat candy all day, just eat these"

"i can't i'm allergic"

"it tastes like bubble gum "

"i'm allergic to bubble gum"

"what about ice cream?"

"i'm not allergic to ice cream but that doesn't taste like ice cream"

"Okay, i'll take you to ice cream tomorrow if you eat this right now"

"it's disgusting"

finally he ate it and within an hour his fever was pretty much gone!

moral of the story:
they weren't kidding when they said
a spoonful of Sugar (or Ice Cream) makes the medicine go down

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