Family traditions

Family traditions

Saturday, March 13, 2010

questions, answers and potty talk

*dinner tonight was quite entertaining*

first little brother asks "MOM, how does the dentist get the baby out of a mommies tummy?"

"Dentists are special doctors that take care of teeth, there are different doctors that do that."

Mom, how do Doctors get babies out of mommy's tummy's?

*the love of my life is about to roll out of his chair*

"well brother there are two ways a baby can come out, one the Dr. uses a special tool to cut the mommies tummy open to get the baby out."

*i really hoped we could end the conversation there but NO*

big sister shares "or they come out down by the mommy's butt"

*again this is AT the dinner table. *

Little brother says "oh like poop."

Babies are not Poop

big sister screams "DON'T TALK ABOUT POOP AT THE TABLE THAT'S POTTY TALK" "mom how does the baby get in there anyways?"

this time brother has the answer " it's about having the right ingredients, good food makes babies, junk food makes poop"

*change of subject*

where do babies come from?


*let's end on that note, hopefully we don't have to talk about this again soon*

3 other thoughts:

Unknown said...

Ha!! What smart little ones you have! They are so funny!

Mommy Madness said...

I recently read somewhere that parents should have an answer right when kids ask about where babies come from, etc... I like yours (heaven). The first time Abby asked me how a baby got in the mommy's tummy, I said, "It's like magic"... well, it is. I guess our kids are getting old enough that it's time to figure out what the age appropriate answer is so they don't go asking a stranger.

the nice one said...

yes most of the time they are quite funny! i think someone should write a book about the "right" answers!