Family traditions

Family traditions

Saturday, March 27, 2010

blast from the past

This squirt gun talk got me thinking

I love this picture!! that squirt gun gave me nightmares, and it's impossible to find one of those in Rexburg in November, i wonder why? what a blast we had that year!!

love ya girlies!!

3 other thoughts:

Unknown said...


I wanted that squirtgun. So I was pretending.

Stephanie was such a stinker sometimes. :p

Eric Halpenny said...

Awe yes, the squirt gun. Denice had a better one. I also remember the owner of the computer yelling at us to take out water battles somewhere else.

Janalie thought she looked like a man in this picture. Hehe


Unknown said...

ah yes... memories :) Can you blame me, though? Of course... I did always tease you guys by putting the naked pictures in the sisteine chapel as the background of the desktop...

maybe we were all stinkers.