Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

who am i?

not easily offended
patient with children
not so patient with adults
have a funky, yet acceptable, pencil grip
likes a challenge
willing to run away from conflict
big talker
fast walker
super funny
loud contagious laugh
full of pride
a worrier
a talker
a writer
a reader
a chocoholic
a thinker
a dancer
a lover
a hugger
would love to go running
hates running
a walker
a giver
a fighter
a trier
great work ethic
sucks at saying no
getter better at saying no, or at least not right now!
a quitter
totally predictable

and that's just the beginning!

Who are you???

1 other thoughts:

the nice one said...

a dreamer!!! how could i forget that one