Family traditions

Family traditions

Friday, April 2, 2010

because i wanted to

yesterday was picture day again!
which all by itself can be quite a stressful, when i was finaly done with my last set of pictures and all my students were back in class i paused for a minate to watch little brother take his picture, then i ran back to class. when the preschoolers came back, to class, his teacher did NOT look happy, which was odd because she usually is happy.
i just thought "i hope it wasn't my kid" then went back to class
at recess all the students went outside except little brother, who was obviously in trouble and turned out to be BIG trouble. my mind of course is going a million miles an hour, i mean to have to miss all recess in preschool, there had to have been a major offense

the story
after little brother had his picture taken he went back into line and when his teacher wasn't looking he ran to the box on the wall with the fire extinguisher and opened the door. that's as far as he got before he was tackled by their classroom paraprofessional.
when asked why he did it he said "because i wanted to!" he did recognize that he was only suppose to do that "in case of a fire"

FYI, i did apologize to his teacher several times

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