Family traditions

Family traditions

Sunday, April 11, 2010

reasons i love owning my house!

inspired by this past post

1. accidents are just accidents!
2. i don't have to replace windows that were punched out in a fit of rage
3. there are scratches in the paint and i'm not crying
4. the coloring on the walls isn't my favorite but it's really no big deal
5. so a spill on the carpet doesn't result in a panic attach, one of these days i'll replace the carpet
6. when food coloring spills on the counter i don't spend half the night scrubbing
7. someday i may replace the window fixtures but not today
8. i can fix or not fix what needs to be fixed without feeling like i'm going to mess something up
9. i can super glue the toilet lid and call it good
10. i can sleep at night

3 other thoughts:

Trina said...

I love owning my own home too! It is awesome...except I would cry if someone punched my window in in a fit of rage!!

the nice one said...

we all cried a little that day!

Unknown said...

do you get to walk on the walls and make cute footprints???

(I'm so jealous. We're still renting. At least our house is OLD so I really don't have to worry too, too much...)