Family traditions

Family traditions

Friday, April 30, 2010

the fifth element

weird dream and another reason i just need a break from all the junk that seems to be happening around me and then falling on my plate!
my plate is full, no room!! every burner is HOT, no room!!! NO ROOM!!

okay the dream...
i dreamt that church time changed and not only that but the schedule changed to sunday school first, then sacrament meeting, then RS/Priesthood
for some reason the love of my life opted out of sunday school this morning but said he'd be there with the kids by sacrament meeting. i think we both forgot about primary and decided it would be easier to stay home with the kids then fight with them for 2 hours.
the sunday school class was full of adults from church, we sat at tables instead of in our regular rows, we talked about reverence a little. Then it gets weird.
someone else stands up and says something like 98 families are represented here today, we have people out in the community as we speak that are gathering up the remainder of the families in shoshone to insure that they are all in sacrament meeting. some other stuff happened here but i don't remember it ....
then sacrament meeting, the rest of my family arrives we sit in our normal place. i try the best i can to explain what has happened. then the meeting starts, someone who i do not know stands up and says after all of our research here in shoshone, we have decided that this community is unlike anything we've seen before. typically a community would fit into one of the four elements, that's not the case with Shoshone therefore we have decided to make a fifth category if you will. Shoshone is the FIFTH ELEMENT!

what it means i do not know but i would like a little break!

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