Family traditions

Family traditions

Sunday, April 25, 2010

faking it

one of the many joys of motherhood! today a church big sister comes and gets me out of class to tell me she had just thrown up in the bathroom. so i ask her what we should do, to which she replies, "i'm not sure, because i don't want you and dad to have to miss your classes."
i asked her if she was really sick and she told me she was so we opted to come home, leaving little brother at church with dad.
when we got home big sister changed in to her PJ's came down stairs and asked for a snack and to watch TV!

i may have been out smarted by a 6 year old to have come home early from church, however i think she had no idea how smart her mom is and that throwing up little girls do not need TV and a snack, they need lots and lost of rest!

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