Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, April 22, 2010

keeping my mouth shut

i know ya'll are wondering and a few even starting to worry! where could this super cute, funny, smart, fabulous women be? I am asking myself that very question, and there is really no guarantee that i'm back for good! but i thought i'd stop by and say hello to all of you who love me as much as i love myself (probably more)

i am still alive and my family's still well
here are a few updates...

  • the love of my life got a part-time job today!!! yeah!!!
  • our lap top gave up the ghost yesterday morning
  • i don't think i'm allergic to pineapple
  • we are implementing "love and logic" into our parenting! (great idea not so easy)
  • it's raining today, which makes me miss home
  • we are coming up with a game plan for our garden
  • school in the spring is proving to be as wonderful and horrible as possible
  • i trying my best to move forward with faith and not let fear cloud the way
  • contemplating a "media fast"
  • been walking at 5:30am (awesome i know)
  • been ready for a nap by 2:00 everyday
  • getting my act together
  • losing my mind!

1 other thoughts:

Unknown said...

I identify with the last one, especially.

I could probably use a media fast.