Family traditions

Family traditions

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby story-Day two

At 6:30 this morning I had my nurse wheel me down to the NICU. Mr.P was doing well, he had had a good night and so it was more of a waiting game. At 9 my Dr came in to check on me and tell me we had some new developments with Mr.P. They had notice that he was having to work harder to breath and so ran a chest x-ray. His left lung had collapsed in what is technically called tension pneumothorax. The doc in the NICU along with the nurses worked quickly to remedy
the situation. They "needled" his lung and pulled out the unwanted-misplaced air. And Mr.P once again seemed to be doing a lot better. After I had myself several good crying episodes, I took a shower and went to visit the little man.
I was so excited they let me hold him, this was the first time I'd gotten to hold him. So I grab a seat and grabbed my baby and cuddled him for a long while. It was very healing for both mom and baby. I took a trip back to my room to order lunch and visit with a couple great friends who brought me hugs and chocolate today. About 2 o'clock I tripped back down to the NICU, only to find they had just done another chest X-ray and results didn't look good. They tried to pull the bad air out again but unfortunately it wasn't enough so the doc had to put a chest tube into Mr.P's lung. This works to pull out the bad air before it can accumulate causing more problems. Again we saw a huge improvement, color was better, breathing was better, he was more relaxed and happy, etc.

This is where he is stable now as I blog tonight, I did visit a couple more times today to hold his little hands and cradle his tiny feet. It looks like he will be here 7 to 10 days but he's being a trooper and is in good hands.

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