Family traditions

Family traditions

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sensational day six

Well last night I was unable to stay at the hospital so my love and the presidents came down to pick me up. At first I was pretty upset about having to leave mr.p but I didn't have much choice. After my initial breakdown moment I figured I'd look on the bright side, a night with the other kiddos, mr.p was in great hands and I needed some sleep. We went to dinner and then headed home. The kids and I snuggled and chilled and talked. MsTay was pretty funny she would pull up my shirt to say "baby" and then look at me confused because well though my big belly is not all gone it is significantly smaller. I told her the baby was at the hospital she told me that we needed to go get the baby! It was super cute.
So early this morning I caught a ride with one of mr.p's nurses into the hospital. Brought my bag just in case I could get a room for tonight. We had another busy and exciting day. He still had the bili light but today we doubled the power and shown it from above too. He wasn't a big fan but well beauty is pain. First feeding of the morning the decision was made to let him try and nurse. He was a champ, no problems at all. I am sure doesn't hurt that his mom is a veteran at the whole nursing thing. Most of our day was spent under the lights and eating. We did have a few adventures. One that well must be shared is when I was changing his diaper ( in my defense it is not the easiest thing to change a diaper with 10 cords or wires all running every which way) anyhow mr.p had a lovely poopy diaper and as I was getting him all cleaned up he peed everywhere. The nurses on the other side of the curtain just laughed at me and mr.p's nurse. Yes we are awesome.
There was also a slight concern about a heart murmur, which supposedly all babies are born with and closes shortly a birth, but because of all the other trauma his body is just now getting there. So they ran a few tests and looks like it's going to be fine.
After his 5:30 feeding it was decided to take away his oxygen tube completely, we had been, weening him off of it for the last two days but this was the test. There wasn't even a hiccup he did great in the transition in fact I am quite certain he was relieved to have it gone. After that we removed his IV.
It's so great to know that we are almost done here. The only tube left now is his feeding tube which is currently used to give him meds if needed, and to check his residuals. The other wires are to track vitals, and of course the bili lights. That may sound like a lot but compared to where he was even yesterday morning he's practically naked!
Hope to post pictures tomorrow and bring him home Monday. Thank you for you love, support and prayers.

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Jenny said...

Hoping you get to bring your sweet babe home soon!