Family traditions

Family traditions

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mr. P's GREAT day 4

The family stay room is such a blessing! It is much closer to the babe thus most of my day I've been right next to little mr.p. We have a great nurse today, she's totally OCD. First thing she did was decludder then list off the goals for today. And wow what a day it has been. We started with the chest X-ray. Left lung still looks great so they clamped the chest tube to see if the little lung would be good and be stable without the extra support. The right lung still has a little pneumothorax but it's not causing any issues and looks to be healing itself.
Just after lunch they removed the respiratory tube, the one he pulled out yesterday. He's stable without it, they are giving him just a little oxygen for awhile longer but much less invasive. We moved his iv to the other hand and his iv bag was switched to a one of more calories and nutrients (meat and potatoes with butter and sour cream). He also used his feeding tube a few times today; yeah for a milk supply!
It was a super day. I even changed a diaper, first one! The nurse didn't let me be intimidated by all the tubes and wires and I did it!
The kiddos skyped tonight with me and mr.p. MsTay was excited to see the baby baby! All of them were glad to see he was getting stronger.
This evening little mr.p received a fathers blessing. Which as Grandma C said yesterday, it helps the family as much as it helps the babe.

All day I have felt so blessed! Thank you for your love, support, and prayers.

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