Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This is not a competition

But if it was Mr.P would be in the lead. So not to be out done by all his older siblings Mr.P decided that he too wanted to have a turn with the Bili light at home. We went in today to have his little stitch removed from his chest and to check to make sure everything still looked good, and it does other than he is YELLOW! One point away from being readmitted to the hospital. My Love says it's probably just because he misses all his cute nurse friends in the NICU. I can't help but think it's a conspiracy.

Gus- 11 hours of labor from the time my water broke, bili blanket 3-5 days, a little chilly incident
Handsome-11 hours of labor from the time my water broke, 2 extra days in hospital and a bili blanket at home for a week
MsTay- well you can read about most of it here, a few days at home with the bili blanket
Mr.P- He is testing my limits, but that's what the baby of the family does right?

So grateful for each of the blessings, even if they are all working together to make me a little crazy. 

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