Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, January 25, 2010


today in kindergarten we talked about Larry Lion, the sound he says 'L', the letter he stand for "Ll"
we wrote on the board a list of words that we could think of that start with the letter l
lion, leopard, ladybug, lobster, leg, love, lid, lollipops, liver, lettuce, lighthouse, etc, then I listed off a few more words probably 25 or 30 that start with an L from a list of word that children should know when they enter kindergarten, love, luck, lick, locomotive, lazy, lamp, lantern, long...

when i get to the word "lumber" i just stop and stare at it and think to myself, where would they have learned this word, i don't even use this word, because in my mind i'm thinking "Lumber- some kind of slow ponderous movement" or something like that. I said the word but skipped over any explanation because why do kindergartens need to know this word, i mean yes it's a good word but really kindergartners using the word "lumber", i'd save that challenge for another day.

one of my favorite and least favorite things about kindergarten is that i get to do everything twice, i had planned on looking up the definition of "lumber" between my classes but didn't get to it during my lunch hour so this experience repeated itself, causing me more frustration as to why the word "Lumber" would be considered a common word for a five year old.

so this bothered me for a while and after school i sat down at the computer and typed the word lumber into the search box, before i even pushed enter i knew what it was!

HELLO!!! call me blonde if you will it was one of those days!
turns out one of three little pigs built his house out of lumber (aka-sticks)
i guess it's not that far out of a word for kindergartners to know

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Eric Halpenny said...

Oh, I need to tell Josh what a locomotive is now.