Family traditions

Family traditions

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

March 8, 2008

Today I slept in when I woke up the house was a mess, the love of my life had to work or something he wasn't home. I thought to myself, I really should just stay home today and clean or better yet stay in my pj's and be lazy. but most likely I would end up cleaning. then I got a phone call from my best friend, she told me "get dressed we were going to a "time out for sisters" relief society meeting." I protested, she said she would be at my house in 20 minutes with her children and a babysitter. what could I say to that?! okay okay so I hopped in the shower, threw on some comfy-semi-nice cloths brushed my hair and teeth and was ready to go.
the 45 minute drive was fun, we talked about so many things like we always do, grandmas, husbands, children, work, school, childhood, and things I can't even post here. we laugh we cried all of this before we even got to the meeting. as we drove into the church parking lot we laughed how it would be funny to buy a coke (to ward off a headache), put it a brown bag and take it into the meeting.
we went to a variety of little breakout sessions that gave us ideas about filling our time with happy things, how to fight the blues, how to get organized, inexpensive things to do with our families, how to get our homes clean, how to feel pretty. some of them we listened too, some of them we sat in the back and giggled to ourselves. we came away with a resolve to be happier, healthier, more organized, to feel pretty everyday even if it's just by putting on a pair of earrings. Lunch was yummy I don't remember what it was, just that we laughed and cried through the meal. the drive home was wonderful too we made plans of how we were going to help each other accomplish our new found goals. we were gonna do it! be each others cheerleaders starting monday we were getting our acts together!! we got back to my house took the babysitter home. talked for another hour at least.
when it was time to go, we played a clean up game we had one minute to get all the toys picked up or they would exploded. silly yes but it worked and the toys got picked up. she left to clean her house before tonight. I busied myself cleaning my house and doing laundry. I laid on the couch for an hour, fed the kiddos dinner. I got out fruit cut it a put it on a pretty platter, put on some make-up, and we headed out for a game night.
We love game nights. We played home-made charades, phase 10, "Celestial Companions." We had a blast! so much laughter, so much love, so much fun!! the kids fell asleep on the couches, we stayed and talked after everyone else left. good friends have a way of pulling you into the conversation and it's hard to say goodnight. we finally called it a night and left about midnight with big hugs and see you tomorrows!

It was a perfect day with a great Best Friend!! love you & miss you

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Trina said...

I love those kind of days! Sounds like you have a great best friend!