Family traditions

Family traditions

Monday, January 4, 2010

vibes? i think not!!

i had two strangely related moments today!

a little background may be in order here. i want a baby!!! most days it's okay that we do don't have one yet but other days seem almost hopeless these are usually the days when friends will make the announcement they are expecting, and it's usually been 2 to 3 friends who make this know all on the same day. now don't get me wrong i am always excited for these dear friends but it's also slightly frustrating and discouraging. The hardest part is not letting my little demon, which i referenced a few posts ago, take over and bring me down.
so anyhow all of that being said and the news that it seems like everyone and their sisters are prego this is what happened to me today

first-as i am walking my kindergartners out of the school at the end of the day there are two of my friends talking about me not that i heard what they said but i could just tell. i told them to knock it off to which they replied "you're giving off a vibe" (a prego vibe)


second-after school today another teacher comes up to me and asks "are you expecting?"

NO!!! i am not

don't y'all just give me a paper cut and pour lemon juice on it!!!

I just had to vent!

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The Bateman Clan said...

BIG hug to you! I hate those days. I hope you feel better soon.