Family traditions

Family traditions

Saturday, January 23, 2010

little loco!!

i've decided having the presidents gone for the weekend makes me a little crazy!

today I

washed the dishes
hid under the bed
clean the kids room
hid in a closet up stairs
took a nap
played volleyball
hid in a different closet and looked through a box of stuff
went on a hot date (yummy fajitas)
laughed a lot
got home
hid in the coat closet

all of this just to get some attention!
i guess it's a good thing the presidents don't leave too often

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The Bateman Clan said...

how fun!! That sounds like an awesome day!!!
Thank you so much for being so sweet and nice! Never in my life have I met so many people who are so caring and comforting after meeting you one time. I don't think our family will ever regret joining the church. Thanks again!