Family traditions

Family traditions

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a note from a friend

Thank you dear friend for sharing this with me.

Garden of Children (kindergarten)

The little roots are tender on the day
The first transplanting comes: each tiny flower
That moves into this happy, friendly bower,
With glowing pride seems wistfully to say,
"I'm ready to grow up -- please show the way."
New confidence and new-found strength and power
Come with each newborn dawn, as hour by hour
The roots grow deeper. And the watchers pray.

Oh, garden where the little children grow,
Be overfilled with happiness and light.
Make room for everyone, that each may know
The joy of wholesome living -- wrong from right.
And may the greatest Teacher, from on high,
Keep each wee one beneath His loving eye.
-Margaret Woodland Black

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Karma said...

This is so beautiful! Just like you!