Family traditions

Family traditions

Friday, January 1, 2010

If I have to

so we, meaning I, decided that we, meaning my family, should maybe talk about what a new year resolution is and maybe set a few. i don't really believe in them. i don't know that i have ever kept one for longer then a month or so. i think it's silly that one day a year, the first day of the year, people decided they are going to make a fresh start. but i guess it's a good time to start. maybe? anyhow so tonight at the dinner table this is what we came up with

Family Goals
Game nights with friends every other month
A family game night once a week (other then Mondays)
Family Adventures (a hike, caving, etc) every other month

Presidents Goals
keep their room cleaner
improving on morning and bed time routines

Little Brothers Goals
learn to read
become a better soccer player

Big Sisters Goals
write more letters to grandmas
become a better reader
be happier- no crying, no pouting, no throwing fits
be kinder to the kitty

Love-of-My-Life's Goals
full time employment
use the elliptical a little more
increase personal scripture study

looks like a good list to me!

my goals
finish what i start including but not limited to...

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